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We are very excited to have you here, and look forward to a very rewarding association in the coming days and weeks.

If we have started serving headlines from your website, we are very happy to explain what we do, and how we do it. If on the other hand, we have not started serving headlines from your your website, we are glad to quickly bring you onboard, as you join the elite crop of credible Nigerian Online News Sources.

If you are a well-established News Source, NewsHUB helps present your content in a way that will better bring more traffic to you and your business. We drive traffic to you, based on the quality and diversity of your headlines. If you are new to publishing online, NewsHUB helps you quickly gain traction, as it is a platform that is poised to help raise the bar of online journalism in Nigeria.

In this era of Fake News and Junk contents, NewsHUB is a means of projecting the credible and reliable news sources, thus improving the overall acceptability of all those who play by the rules, serving contents that we all can rely upon.

We do not steal your content, We do not copy your content, we do not reproduce your content elsewhere.

What we do, is to crawl your website like all search engines, and present your headlines in a ordered and searchable manner, and redirect all the traffic back to your website. This is a win-win for all. The good thing is that since you can check the traffic coming from NewsHUB, you can quickly measure the impact of our association with you.

You will quickly discover that what was breaking news yesterday, is no longer breaking news today. It has already broken. We help you analyze the impact of your headlines over time, and gain better insight into how your headlines attract news readers and how you can improve your engagements over time.

As an established News Source, you may have been mulling how to organize your repository of News. Seek no more! We are happy to help you gain insight into how you can best organize your repository, including links, re-links and redirects.

If you have been thinking of how to change the name of your online news source, but worried about the impact of the change on your existing contents, and how best to go about it, we are glad to help you achieve this change with minimum effort.

Overall, NewsHUB helps you improve the quality of the News that you serve to the public, and raises the awareness of extent of the News repository that you hold.

If you will like to gain better insight into what we do and how we can be more useful to your organization, please do not hesitate to contact us

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