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We know that staying informed accurately, is your uttermost desire. We are aware that you want to be able to check as many news sources as possible, to gain a better insight into the news that is breaking.

In this era of Fake News and Junk contents, NewsHUB is the perfect solution to your desire, as it is a means of helping you identify and read news from the many credible and reliable news sources that we project, thus helping you get to the root of the breaking news fast, and safely. If you do not find the headline here, it probably is not genuine elsewhere.

We are not a blog that steals and reproduces the news from other websites, who are working hard to serve you contents. We are also not a secondary news site where you can read the contents from those websites that we project.

What we do, is to crawl their website like all search engines, and present the headlines from those news sources, in a ordered and searchable manner. We then redirect you, the reader back to their website. This we do in a way that removes any bias in the presentation of headlines to the readers. This is a win-win for all.

If you are researching into how a particular news broke, or what is online regarding a subject or topic, this is the place to start. Our search engine helps you locate any word or combination of words in any of the headlines that we curate. You can search for combinations using OR or AND, thereby widening your search net, or reducing the number of unrelated search items.

If you are interested in particular keywords, locations or people, NewsHUB provides a means of being alerted, when these come up in any of the headlines that we curate.

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